Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gardening (Bamboo involved)

January view of bamboo garden and still what it looked like this morning.

After 3 1/2 hours work today the bamboo clump now looks like this.  Smaller and hidden behind the bushes.  I am smiling.
January view of remainder of bamboo clump in garden.

This after this mornings effort the clump is so much smaller.

Up close photo of what is remaining.  Each new bamboo had grown on top of each other....this is really just a huge pile of roots.

Thankfully I did not come across the two owners of the snakeskins I discovered this morning.

What is left of the 20 or so loads of bamboo I removed this morning.

While I had the camera out thought I would take a couple of other garden flowers.  Begonias and succulents.

My vegi garden.  Not much vegi happeing.  Left front parsley, right front mint, the light green clumps along the garden are marigold seedlings.  I deheaded a marigold plant at the museum I volunteer at and through the heads in here and I think every seed has grown.  You can also see pineapples, palm fronds trying to protect my transplanted watermelon seedlings, marigolds down the back surrounding my tomato plants.  Bamboo mulch. :-)

The last two years I have struggled with my tomatoes growing to around this stage and then loosing the fruit.  I read that it was possibly nematodes that were the problem.  Saw a TV show where he planted out his vegi garden with marigolds then dug them in at the end of the season...nematodes gone.   So I decided to just plant a ring of marigolds around my tomatoes this year and tadah! we have been eating yummy tomatos.

Our bottlebrushes are in full bloom...and the lorikeets are so loud in there while collecting all the yummy nectar.  They are joined by a number of other honey eaters too.  Photo is a little dark as it just started spitting as I was out there.

Another bottlebrush

Third bottlebrush.

Have a lovely day everyone.....thanks for popping in to say hi.


  1. Good morning Merry,

    Looks like a lot of hard work than going on in the garden, it never lets us relax along.

    We have tried to grow bamboo so many times but just doesn't seem to like our soil.

    Thanks sharing your photos.

    B x

  2. oh your constant battle with the bamboo - glad to see you are winning. I have a friend in Australia that moved up to NSW and she is on Bottlerush Crescent, she sent me a postcard with one on - never heard of them before that!

  3. Hi there,

    What pretty pics there with all their beauty... love your garden and all the greens. So happy that you are in good health.
    I am happy to be back to Indonesia after my stay in Singapore...
    All I have are some water plants in our living room and some others in the balcony on our 26th floor. Sadly the plants in the balcony have almost died - only the aloe vera seems to have survived... that is my story about my plants. Nothing as lovely as yours.

    Thanks again for all your TLC,

    Monica xxx

  4. Merry this was hard work, but all the worth while. Love your garden.
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    Doing Life
    Digistamps4Joy DT Member
    Tammy’s Scrapin Corner DT Member

  5. Looks like you guys tackled the bamboo pretty good this time! It is hidden really well and looks great! Our gardens and crops around here are terrible because of the heat and lack of rain. A few things did pretty good but everything else is pretty weak looking. The one thing we are getting is tomatoes and I am making salsa...YUM! How do you eat your tomatoes? Also love the bottlebrush trees....I find them so vibrant and pretty!!


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