Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Goodbye Dad

Goodbye Dad
Thanks for always being there.
22 February 1936 - 27 November 2016

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A couple of update photos and signing off till 2017

Hi everyone, decided to sign off till 2017 just a bit going on which I will share at bottom of post. Since my last post at the end of September we have been to Brisbane to visit our daughter and other wonderful friends.  This is looking to the Brisbane city form Kangaroo Point.

Just love this photo my husband took of this bridge crossing Brisbane River.

After Brisbane we continued on to Medowie (NSW) to visit my husband's family.  Our brother in law breeds snakes.  Here are a bunch of eggs incubating.

Sorry don't remember the name of the snake and no I didn't take any of these photos as I was standing on the outside of the shed looking in.  :-)  Part of me would like to be able to handle a snake but the part that doesn't want to overrides big time.

However, my husband does not feel the same and as you can see by the photo he is quite enjoying this experience.  Pretty snake.

This is a view of Newcastle from Anzac Walk.

The ocean view on the other side of the Anzac Walk.  So beautiful….the photo doesn't show but it was blowing a gale and we were literally getting pushed along the walk by the wind.

End of October we took a three night P & O comedy cruise on the Eden Cairns to Cairns.  Since we didn't have to pay for airfares anywhere to connect for a change we booked into a suite.  Very nice.

Leaving Trinity Inlet, Cairns.

The marina in Trinity Inlet, Cairns.

This cruise had no ports to visit.  So not much to take photos of other than the ship and the birds.  It is true you do know when you are close to land when you start seeing birds.  Middle of the ocean there are none.

Our half way point where we anchored off for about half an hour.  This is Willis Island which has grown from broken coral and bird poo.  The Australia Bureau of Meteorology has a Weather Monitoring Station on the island which gives us earlier advice of cyclones.  Manned by four weather observers doing six month stints at a time.  As pretty as it looks I don't think I could do six months.  Two months no problems, I would miss my friends and family too much. 

Leaving Willis Island.

Now family stuff.  My Mum had a heart attack Saturday, 6th September but luckily with two stents she is back home and taking life a little slower and accepting help.  Two weeks later my very close girlfriend that I have known since school lost her Mum due to a stroke.  So unexpected.  

This is a photo of me with my Dad on Father's Day as he was staying with us when Mum had the heart attack.  Sadly, Dad went into hospital on the 1st October due to issues associated with his Prostate Cancer and is now in Palliative Care.   I have my fingers crossed that he waits until my sister flies into town and gets to visit him.  Luckily the Palliative care is literally 5mins down the road from me so I can visit Dad often….although it is sad seeing him slowly slip away.  This is the reason, I am not even going to attempt blogging for the rest of this year.  I'll just spend time with my family and friends.

See you in 2017. :-)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Craftmad Christmas All Year Round Sketch Challenge

I have finished mulching my gardens which I am very pleased about.  Great exercise and now I can sit back an look at my neat and weed free gardens. As I am still on holidays and have a little spare time I thought it is time to catch up on the Craftmad sketch challenges.  I did set myself a goal to do three cards of each Christmas All Year Round Sketches.  This is the June sketch and my take.

This photo shows all of the tag.

After seeing the sketch I found a packet of tags that I have had in my stash for ever.  The tags had nothing to do with Christmas.  This tag had a a key like it was for a 21st but a bit of gold spray, poinsettia flower and some snowflake stamps gave it a whole new look.  I followed the tags theme of golds and browns for all the cards. Something a little different.  Used my snowflake embossing folder for the first time.

This page just had the words so I added holly leaves which to me mean Christmas.  A few gold sticker borders and sentiment, finished with a bow.  Oh and a spritz of gold again.

Showing off the tag.

This tag in no way said Christmas.  Under the Believe embellishment is the word Paris…..yes the holly leaves and dots hide a couple of images of Paris pretty well. I am not totally in love with this card but am thinking it will go to a male at work.  

All of the tag.

Hopefully more cards to show you soon.  I have made a start at catching up on all your amazing work.  Everyone has been so busy and very inspiring. Hope you are having a great weekend.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Birthday - Bee Card

Hi everyone, I am hoping to catch up on some blogs in the next couple of days as I am on holidays for two weeks.  Yay!  I am strangely excited about the 6m load of mulch I have ordered to be delivered this morning.  I think because gardens always look so fresh when the mulch has been put down.  So that is what will be keeping me busy as well as catching up with friends and crafting.

By the way I am well again, luckily did not get the cold as bad as others but was tiring while I had it. We (family) had a scare about three weeks ago as my Mum had a heart attack but she is well on the road to recovery with two new stents.  It has certainly given us all a new look on life especially Mum who is now accepting of offered help.

On to the card.  This was the card I forgot to take a photo of before sending it off to my swap partner. It was for the July Craftmad swap where we had to make two cards using the above Tic-Tac-Toe board.  I chose the Black, Yellow and Blue when I found this bee that I had coloured early.  He did have a green balloon and hat but it's amazing what you can do with Copic pens.  You can't see it in the photo but the background blue is a nice metallic and there is a bit of glitter on the balloon and his hat.

Thanks for dropping on by, I have more to share soon and will pop on by and see what you all have been doing.  I am ready for inspiration. :-)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hi everyone, Some things I have been up to.

Hey everyone, I still exist, am very well (except for slight head cold at the moment) and enjoying life.    As always lately, I just can't fit it all in but what I am doing is fun.  Hoping your lives are full of fun too. Time to catch you up on the couple of crafting activities that I have done.  This card was for the Craftmad August swap which I actually finished on time.  The them was 'for the boys'.  I decided to go with a Male Thank You card in lieu of the regular birthday.  I saw a wonderful card over at Beccy's Place that I had to try and this is what I came up with.

Remember to visit our Craftmad Pinterest Board to see what all the other lovely ladies came up with for this theme and the one further below.  

Just another view.

My second card for the August swap.  Sailing boats always seem to be a big thing for males so I dug out some fabric and cut to shape then machine stitched to the card.  I thought I had some peel-off sea-gulls but they were no where to be found.  So I free hand cut the birds from scrap board.  I really love the end result of the card.

I spent a weekend making paper snowflakes for the high school ball that is coming up with a theme of  Winter Wonderland.  The junior years have spent a lesson creating some as well so should be a great display on the night.

Like true snowflakes - none of mine look the same. :-)

I made this card for friends daughter who recently turned 17.  Omg! 17, yes I have known her all her life.  I have fun using all my bling on this card and in real life has a real sparkle to it.

This me proving to my swap partner in August that I was working on her July swap cards.  So slack of me, I just did not get motivated with the theme but once I started I had a wonderful time.  

We had to make two cards using the above tic tac toe board.  The first card I created was the bee card which you see a peak of in the above photo however, I forgot to take a full photo so have asked my partner to take a photo for me.  When I have it I will share.  I used the top row of colours for that card - black, yellow and blue.  

My second card I used the second row of colours - green, red and purple.

This is my coloured image and the copics I used to colour it.  It was so relaxing and nice to sit at the end of a working day with calming music in the background.  I will have to do it more often.

A close up of the finished card with the gold glitter paint I sprayed for the nice finish.  

It's not ultra red, probably hinting more pink but the Copics were all from the R group.

Our local museum had the Tea Cosy Competition/Display.  Not as many entries this year however, amazing work by those who did enter.

These were the fun/novelty entries.

A couple of the non-traditional entries.  That is my friends tea cosy with the mice, she had such fun knitting it.

Here are a few more entries.  Surprisingly my pom pom tea cosy didn't get a place.  lol. :-) There is always next year.

Just saw this photo and thought it worth a share.  The passionfruit and paw paw are from our garden and this was tea one night.  Yum.

I have been doing lots of gardening and this weekend feel that everything is trim and ready for Spring and also ready for some mulch to be delivered this weekend.  So I will be out in the garden again.

We had visitors also.  My brother from USA was home for two weeks and my sister from south Queensland was home for one week during that time. 

We have had moments of relaxation.  My husband and our dog.

Me and my dog.

Well that brings you to now and now I have to run and get the salad ready for tea.  Thanks for stopping on by.  Bump into you again when I gather some more photos.  Take care.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Tea Cosy, Knickerbockers and Dog Carrier Bag.

I have been busy creating different things on this second week and last week of my holidays. 

This is my finished tea cosy for the Mulgrave Settlers Museum annual competition.  It's by no means a winner but I did enjoy knitting again after about twenty years.  It will add to the number of entries. I think it is pom pom top heavy.  I found this fantastic technique for making pom poms which claims to be five times faster……and it was.  Visit Homemade gifts made easy to find out how. 

Our daughter always knows how to make us laugh.  Here she is wearing it on her head when she arrived home.  I told her it was a tea cosy and she said I thought it might be, then she stands in front of the mirror and says "What are the two holes for"?  

I said back to her while laughing…….. "IT'S A TEA COSY".  :-)  Her …… oh thats right.

I put my hand up to help sew some costumes for the local high school musical.  My task was to make three knickerbockers for some characters.  So I used the Sunny Day Shorts pattern here and cut the leg longer.  I haven't put elastic in the bottom of the pants yet as I am not sure of the length they need them. Fingers crossed that the pants actually fit the kids….they are on holidays so can't do any fittings.

My friend now has a new addition to her home as of Wednesday last week - a 10 week Shit-Poo or Shitzu Poodle cross or a black ball of fluff with white front paws.  So cute.  It was not so keen on walking the distance we walk with the older bigger dogs so my friend had him in a cloth shopping bag but it just wasn't working due to it being so deep and shoulder straps.  So this is a practice run of a sling bag that I sewed using this reversible sling bag pattern.  I just made the base shorter.  Now my friend and puppy can trial it and I will make one with fabrics that she likes and buys with all the added extras needed. :-)

Puppy (Bailey)  and owner very happy with the new puppy carrier 

I have to share these photos as it was fun although at the time that was not a word I was thinking. :-0 After 13 years of waiting I made good on a promise to my daughter (when she was 7yo) that I would take her up Walsh's Pyramid (922m high - 3km walk to top) when she turned 9 yo.  She is now 20yo and a very patient girl. :-)  The photo above is me in the foreground and my cousin behind….daughter took photo.

This is Gordonvale from the top.   That is the sugar mill that you can see the puff of white which is steam not smoke.  To the back of it you can see where it is all steamy in the river near the tree line.  This is the Mulgrave River which runs behind the mill the water is warm with the run off from the mill which the crocodiles like.

This is looking from the top all the way in to Cairns.  All the green patches are sugar cane fields ready to be harvested.   The brown have been harvested and ready for replanting.

Thanks for passing by, wishing you a great day.


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